A Simple Formula for an Easy, Quick Centerpiece for Every Season

Have you ever found yourself finally removing the Christmas centerpiece on your table by the time Valentines rolls around? Life gets crazy, and it can be tough to keep up with the holidays. I don’t know about you, but I like having décor that evolves with the seasons. We spend so much time indoors nowadays that it can be easy for the days and seasons to slip away unnoticed. The problem is I don’t always have time and energy to think about it.

When I want a new centerpiece for a new season, I’m often rethinking everything from scratch. I spend so much time digging around for vases, bottles, jars, cloches, cake stands, trays, runners, and so on to get a new look for a new season. Then I find myself cleaning up the mess and looking for a place to store what I had on the table. Season after season, holiday after holiday, sometimes it just doesn’t seem like it’s worth the time and trouble.

The good news is this centerpiece is super easy. And it doesn’t require tons of shopping and tons of time. Slight modifications take you from season to season and add pops of color and cheer to your room all year long.

A Simple Summer Centerpiece

If you’ve been outside lately, you’ve felt the heat of summer upon us. The 100-degree weather in the South is enough to make anyone want to stay inside all summer! While you’re inside escaping the heat, why not try this easy summer centerpiece?

I love taking something that’s usually used one way and finding a way to reuse it. I’ve been collecting jars (way too many!) because I’m intrigued with the possibilities. If I can do the same thing with a pasta jar that I already bought, why buy a vase?

Did you know Classico pasta sauce comes in a mason jar?


Here’s what you need:

  • 3 fake flowers (I used 2 smaller ones and one larger one)
  • 1 large clean jar with a wide opening
  • 2 smaller clean jars with wide opening
  • Crushed glass


To create a simple summer centerpiece:

  1. Pour the filler into the jars so that it covers at least an inch of the jar.
  2. Remove the flowers from the stem.
    I was able to just pop the top off without having to cut anything. If I decide later I want it back on, I can just pop it back on.
  3. Place the flower on top.
  4. Arrange the jars on your table with the largest one in the middle and the smaller two on either side.
  5. Adjust as needed and you’re done!

Easy peasy.


Mix and Match for a New Look

There are a number of ways you could modify this same general idea.

  • Instead of a flower top, consider:
  • Instead of crushed glass, consider:
    • Moss
    • Rocks
    • Sand
    • Salt
    • Acorns
    • Hard candy (like conversation hearts)
    • Colored corn kernels
    • Dried beans or lentils
    • Small seashells
  • Instead of a jar, consider
    • A terrarium
    • A cloche
    • A hurricane vase

Jazz it up

If it’s just too simple for you, you can jazz it up.

Consider adding:

  • Ribbon at the rim of the jar
  • Shimmer string lights inside the jar or throughout the filler. Adding shimmer lights in the filler makes for a clean daytime look, and transitions well to a fun nighttime look.

Seasonal Flare

You can alter what you put in the jars for an arrangement that takes you from Easter to Christmas! This is a great way to add some cheer and color without breaking the bank or spending enormous amounts of time and energy on a centerpiece.

Here are some ideas of seasonal combinations. I listed several ideas for each category, but keep it simple by just choosing one filler and one item.

Centerpiece by Seasons

  Filler Item
Spring Moss, rocks Bird’s nest with robin eggs, flower, mushroom or other spring figurines
Summer Crushed glass, sand, seashells Flowers or candles
Fall Acorns Pumpkin, sunflower or other autumn colored flowers
Winter Salt, mini pine cones, crushed metallic glass Candles

Centerpiece by Holidays

  Filler Item
New Years Metallic crushed glass (silver, gold, or black) Candles or clock faces
Valentines Conversation hearts Flowers
St. Patrick’s Day Moss, green or gold crushed glass White and green carnations, or cut out shamrock
Easter Crushed glass Nest with robin eggs
Fourth of July Red, white, and blue crushed glass either in solid layers or mixed together Red or white flowers, mini flags, or candles
Halloween Hard candy like candy corn, candy pumpkins, or black jelly beans, black crushed glass Skull, pumpkin, black bird, spider, or other Halloween figurine
Thanksgiving Acorns, multi-colored corn kernels, mini pine cones, lentils Pumpkins or candles
Christmas Salt or mini pinecones Bottlebrush tree, small deer, church, Santa or other Christmas figurines, fresh evergreen, rosemary branches, ornament, candles

Note: To maximize use for each item, consider purchasing candles or flowers in neutrals.

Consider these colors:

  • white
  • cream
  • brown
  • gray
  • black

For example, a cream candle can be used for Easter, Christmas, and Fourth of July. A red candle could be used for Christmas and Fourth of July, but isn’t a traditional color for Easter.

To see ideas on other things you can do with jars, check out my board on Pinterest!

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