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Steampunk Restaurant

We’ve dreamed about doing the home office for years, but it’s been on the back burner until this year. After completing some rooms like the formal living and dining and the entryway, we decided to tackle the home office. We planned on tackling the project this year, and with me working from home now, I definitely desire a more inspiring environment.

Our environment affects how we feel, and how we feel affects how we relate to the world and how productive we are. It’s important for me to have an environment that is organized and pretty.

The good news is it won’t take a lot to make it look better.

Here’s a picture:

Office Before
Before: Home office

Here’s another:

Before picture of desk in home office
Before: Home office

Oh, yeah! That’s my desk from my college days. Do you see the CD holder at the top right? I thought that was handy back then. Unfortunately, particle board doesn’t hold up through several moves and it was on its last leg (literally—it would fall off when we tried to move it!). I was able to find it a good home at our garage sale earlier this year (and yes, we told them about the loose leg). 🙂

Our Goals for the Room

Speaking of pretty, many rooms in our house have a slight feminine touch, as my husband kindly pointed out. When we talked about the feel we want for the home office, he mentioned he’d like to have at least one room in the house with a more masculine feel. I agreed. It would be a challenge for me—there are so many things I love that I don’t even think about being feminine!

Recently, I’ve been digging the modern, clean approach with white, mint, and coral, accented with gold or copper and lots of inspirational messages surrounding me. And furry pillows. However, hubby was not digging it. I think it was the furry pillows. 😉

Check out the Pinterest board I created with this style:

Fresh Home Offices
What I was digging

After kissing goodbye to beautiful pictures of clean, fresh, feminine offices, I came up with the one thing I wanted—ok, two things.

For me, the room needs to contain:

  • My favorite color: Kelly green
  • A sit-stand desk

Our Chosen Style and a New Challenge

We agreed on the style of steampunk. If you’re not familiar with that style, it’s like science-fiction industrial meets Victorian (hmmm…does that mean feminine touches are part of it? 😊).

If you’d like to see more examples of steampunk flare, click the image below.

Steampunk flare Pinterest Board
What we were both digging

There is a huge difference between the style I had been contemplating and steampunk!

It will be a challenge to figure out how to incorporate Kelly green with steampunk. When I think of Kelly green in a room, I think of modern, clean lines. I suppose the room doesn’t have to be exactly Kelly green as long as there are shades of green that I like in the room.

Steampunk style is a new challenge for me, but I’m looking forward to making it work for us. Some pictures of steampunk look cluttered. Clutter naturally finds a way into my world, and it’s not something I want to purposely promote. In fact, I’d like to find ways to detract clutter. Usually my desk is littered with sticky notes (love those things!), but I have an idea that might help curb my obsession of using sticky notes and add to the look. I’m excited about the possibility!

So rather than true steampunk, this room will likely be steampunk inspired. We want something warm and cozy, but still cheerful and productive. Oh yeah, and something a little more masculine. 😉 It will be an interesting journey to find that balance.


Here’s some steampunk inspiration we’ve found during trips we’ve taken recently.


steampunk desk
Not exactly sure what this is, but it looks cool!
Quirky Wall
Steampunk Store Outside Roundtop
Steampunk Decor
Steampunk-inspired shelf
Steampunk Decor
Green bottles
Steampunk Decor
Vintage green cabinet
Wooden Clipboards
Wooden clipboards

I thought this collection of old wooden chairs looked cool hung from the wall. It’s definitely unexpected.

Steampunk Decor
Chairs hung from wall (is that a pop of green I see?!)
shutters and chairs on wall
Shutters and chairs hung on wall
Steampunk Decor
Steampunk-inspired setup
Steampunk Decor
Steampunk decor
Steampunk Decor
Steampunk rocket
Steampunk Decor
Industrial lighting

There was a really cool boutique in Roundtop and the entire shop had an old, industrial steampunk flare.

Steampunk Decor
Walkway in boutique near Roundtop

Outside the boutique, there was a tent full of these swiss grandfather clocks. I don’t know if it could be steampunk, but I love these things! They’re the coolest looking grandfather clocks I’ve seen! These were actual antiques from the 1800s—and the price reflected that!

Swiss grandfather clock
Antique swiss grandfather clock near Roundtop


Antique Green Dresser
Antique green dresser at Antique Archaeology

I think I’m on to something with the chairs hung on the wall!

Chairs on the Wall
Chairs on the wall in Anthropology


Homestead Gristmill in Waco
Homestead Gristmill machinery


Steampunk Restaurant
Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar

Check back next week for an update and to find out the color we chose for our walls!


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    I’m enjoying all your neat ideas. Thx for sharing them w/us !! Can hardly wait to see the big reveal. Great job, JoAnna.


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