How I Save Half an Hour on Laundry


Do you find yourself wondering where all the time went on weekends? The older I get, the faster the days seem to fly by. Because we work weekdays and often have plans most weekday nights, the weekend is generally when we do things around the house. By the time I get the groceries bought, the house cleaned, and the laundry done, the day is gone. If I actually complete all of that in a day, I often feel like I need a day just to recover. Then Monday rolls around, and it’s back to work! Maybe I’m just getting old, but you may feel the same way.

I generally do all of our laundry one day during the week. I like the feeling that when I put up the last load, it’s all finished—at least until next week. Several years ago one Saturday morning, I timed how long it took to take the clothes out of the hamper and sort: darks, lights, pants, towels, and delicates. It took 30 minutes just to sort it all, check pockets, make a note of the items not going into the dryer, and get the first load going. It seemed like such a waste of a Saturday!

However, if I could save time sorting, I could get that half hour back.

How I Saved Time Sorting

Instead of putting everything in one big pile, we started sorting each item of clothing as we undressed each night.

We bought a hamper for each of these three categories:

  • Darks
  • Lights
  • Delicates

I put towels and pants (or other things with heavy zippers that could snag clothing) in the main hamper. Sorting those is easy—just find all the towels and put it in a basket!

For the other three, just grab everything in the basket and put it in the wash!

Sort Laundry As You Go

I do still spend some time checking the pockets of pants in case hubby forgot to remove candy or a random drop-light hook from his pocket (true story). 😊 However, I can do that while the first load is already going, which makes the laundry process more efficient.

Speaking of more efficient, this process makes it easier to throw a load in at night, set the delayed wash to 7 hours, and wake up in the morning with a load of laundry already washed! 

laundry tags
Fabric Labels for Hampers

Sorting as I go gives me more flexibility on when I want to do laundry (without making a mess of getting laundry out of the hamper multiple times per week) and frees half an hour on laundry day for other things.

How would you spend an extra half hour?


  • Snuggling
  • Leisurely breakfast
  • Reading a good book by yourself or sharing a bedtime story with your children
  • Coffee with a friend
  • Shopping
  • Catching up on your favorite TV show

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